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At Muskoka Tea we thrive on building relationships. We know how much time and care goes into building your business, and how important it is that the partners you choose are invested in your success. 

When you join Muskoka Tea Co. as a wholesale partner you become part of our team. Whether you're selling our retail products, serving our unique tea blends, or including our loose leaf tea in your recipes, we'll be there to help ensure that Muskoka Tea complements the amazing products and services your business is already offering.

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Welcome to Muskoka Tea Co! 

And thank you for investing in entrepreneurs and the communities we support together.

If you're a Canadian business, you are ready to dive in! As a wholesale partner you will have access to our organic tea blends in retail and bulk sizes, our quality teaware and branded apparel, as well as curated, industry-specific sales and service options for your business.

How It Works


Fill out our Wholesale Registration Form to create an account. Make sure to include your business information so we can verify you.

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Once your account has been approved, you'll receive an email with a link. Login with your username and password to access wholesale products and pricing.


Use our Quick Order Form to browse our wholesale products. You'll find our loose leaf tea in quantities from 100g to 5kg, as well as our teaware and apparel. Free Local Shipping and Delivery.