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All of our natural essences are organic compliant and chemical-free. They are also vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free (except for maple teas) and dairy-free. Essences are made with an ethyl alcohol base and the addition of essences found in natural ingredients. Our essences are custom manufactured to ensure the best taste. The exact recipes are trade secrets, but our organic certifiers are privy to ingredients and can assure that the natural essences meet all organic requirements. These are not essential oils, as many often wonder—essential oils are not suitable for tea application.

We take many precautions to ensure that all our ingredients are free of peanuts. However, we import teas and herbs from farms in countries where facilities also manufacture teas with tree nuts and seeds. For these reasons it is impossible for us to guarantee that our products have never come into contact with peanuts, but we ensure that we operate in a peanut-free environment.

Tree nuts and seeds that may have come in contact with our blends include:

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Walnuts

Muskoka Tea is 100% organic and no pesticides are used in any of our products, which means tea, herbs and spices can be subject to insect contact.

Our blending and manufacturing partners implement several control methods to ensure that every botanical item shipped from around the world is free of pests, but with tricky things like heat and other factors, sometimes this is out of our control.

Muskoka Tea will offer a full refund for any items which are found to contain pests within 30 days, so please inspect your product(s) upon receipt. Any items found with pests after this period of time will become the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Refunds are only available for the dollar value of the merchandise and we are not liable for any other expenses incurred as a result of pests. We’re sorry that we can’t help more, but outside of the initial 30 day period we can’t trace back the issue.

Should this unfortunate situation happen, freeze the items immediately at a temperature of 10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to -10 degrees Celsius) to limit exposure and contact us.


All orders ship from our location in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

Orders typically take 1–3 business days to process, although often we ship within 1 business day. Delays sometimes occur. If we anticipate delays we will contact you right away.

We can't change your order once it has been placed, but we can cancel it so you can place a new order with the changes you require. If you need to change your order, please email us at info@muskokatea.ca.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your order is correct, properly packaged and well protected. Despite our best efforts, human error or damage during transit is still possible. If any of your items are incorrect or damaged, please email us immediately so that we can assist you. All damaged, incorrect or incomplete items must be reported within 14 days from the date of reception.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is important to us, any unopened and unused products may be returned within 14 days from the time you received it. For orders that are picked up from our Huntsville location, the refund request must be received within 14 days of the order being ready for pickup. All products must be returned in the original packaging.

Please see our full Return Policy for more details.