About Us

All natural, always organic artisanal tea products handcrafted and packaged in Ontario, Canada

Is it crazy to say that tea is a conduit to living in the moment? Whether you're sitting alone, breathing in and reflecting on the week that's gone by, or having a much-needed "cuppa" with a friend, there is something deep and grounding about a cup of tea.

We hope that our carefully curated tea blends offer you a moment of lucidity, allowing you to fully appreciate the small joys in life. These are the moments that inspired Muskoka Tea Company.

Meet the Makers

We are Kirsten and Brittany, sisters-in-law living in the heart of Muskoka. If you've visited cottage country you know the lifestyle here is a little different; it's about slowing down and appreciating the small moments, making the most of time with family and friends. To say we spend a lot of time together would be an understatement!

As we shared experiences and milestones, we realized that tea was there for every moment—the sad ones and the happy ones, the proud moments and the celebrations. For us there was nothing better, so as two Type-A personalities we decided to create a tea company. Seems like the logical next step, right?

Our Background

To support our dreams we leaned on our education in herbology, nutrition, culinary arts, and the TAC Certified Tea Sommelier Program at The Academy of Tea, coupled with a natural curiosity and a healthy sense of adventure. We applied our knowledge and passion to the craft of creating premium tea blends that engage the senses and create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Why Certified Organic?

We've made environmentally conscious and sustainable choices throughout our production process, from farm to cup. By using only naturally sourced, organic, hand-crafted whole leaf tea and premium inclusions, we ensure a clean, smooth tea that showcases each blend's unique properties.

Environment & Sustainability

Muskoka Tea Company’s philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainable development, with the mission to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the same quality teas we do today. Our long-term vision is modelled after the Environmental, Social and Governance Framework that is considered a holistic benchmark for sustainable business practices. Learn more about how we're incorporating sustainable practices into every part of our production process.

Environment & Sustainability


Creating positive social impact is integral to how we do business. We are guided by our purpose: to share the big and small moments, to bring balance and wellness to daily life, and to cultivate connections. This mobilizes us to create meaningful value not just within our walls, but also beyond. We believe that profound change can be achieved, no matter the size of your business. We are committed to helping our community prosper now and into the future.

See you out there!

Kirsten & Brittany